Exhibitions, events, awards

Exhibition at Lyktan Gallery Skogås Stockholm,

April 1-12 2023

Exhibition at the Royal Blue Visual Arts Gallery,

May 2023

Award for photos at Sommar and Konstpensel 2023.

Photography exhibition, Galleri Hornsgatan 96 Stockholm. September 2023

Stockholm International Filmfestival

November 2023

Red Carpet at Stockholm International Filmfestival November 2023

Polish Embassy in Stockholm - the Polish Nationaldag, Independentgruppen Day,

November 2023

Sara Paul Red Rose Collection Fashion Show, Hotel Haymarket by Scandic, Stockholm, December 2023

Exclusive filmpremiäre Novellafilm 3x3 cinema Zita Folkets Bio December 2023


I cooperate with The Designer Magazine as a photographer.

https://thedesigner.se// thedesigner.se//


Jag födde naturlig

Hänt i Veckan

Interview with Renata Rośen by Lotta Tamba, ArtyNetClub!

Stockholm Designer Magazine

Moments Frozen In Time


Jag födde naturlig

Hänt i Veckan

Therése Neaimé Vegas Show!

Stockholm Designer Magazine

The Designer Sara Poul

The Buzz Magazine

Instagram Live


Henningson Black Level and Designer Magazine Unite to Elevate the Music Industry

Stockholm Designer Magazine

Moments, Faces, Memories

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