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I am an extraordinary woman who is a very talented and passionate person. My passion is photography. I try to capture interesting, unique, and beautiful moments of life, nature, and situations in my photos. With my camera, I can show all of this in the smallest detail. My photos attract attention and show the world in an extraoridinary light. I am also sensitive and open to art, music theater, and film. I catch every note, gesture, and word that speaks to my soul. The creativity and imagination that lie within me allow me to understand the beauty and subtlety of art in every form.

I am fascinating by photographing fleeting moments and capturing their beauty in the frame. For as long I can remember, my perception of the world has been different from most people. Thanks to the wonderful technology that is the camera, I can freeze in time those fleeting moments of my personal communication with the universe. This is the world seen through my eyes, it will be my pleasure to share it with you!

"A photograph is not just an image; it's a reflection of the photographer's vision and passion."

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Having had the pleasure of working with Renata Rosen at the Stockholm International Film Festival, I can attest to her remarkable talent and dedication to her craft. Renata's ability to capture both the glamour of celebrity personalities and the raw beauty of landscapes is truly exceptional. Her keen eye for detail and composition shines through in every photograph, drawing viewers into captivating narratives. Renata's work is not only visually stunning but also emotionally evocative, leaving a lasting impression on those who have the privilege of experiencing it. It was an honor to collaborate with such a talented photographer, and I have no doubt that her work will continue to inspire and amaze audiences worldwide.

Mateusz Dudek

Bluesky Pixels Ltd

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A picture of Renata Rosén says more than a thousand words. Images captured in the moment. Always with an artistic depth and a thought beyond the ordinary. Renata surprises and evokes emotions with her unique visual language. Pictures to remember and dream away to. Thankful for this collaboration!

Therese Neaimé


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Renata Rosén's photography, characterized by the deliberate absence of flash, creates a mystical atmosphere in her work. This unique approach not only showcases her technical skill but also adds a captivating and enigmatic quality to her photos, contributing to a distinctive and memorable visual style.

Halina Rosa

Editor-in-chief DESIGNER Magazine

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"With an eye for the moment"

A photo that captures the movement, the energy and the small details of what is real... It's an art... and incredibly interesting. Renata Rosén is superb there.

Lotta Tamba

Inspirator, Creator, Coach

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Renata! As an old music photographer who has seen many of your beautiful pictures, I am surprised every time to see how you bring out the light and the dark and make your subject come alive!! I love it! You are different!! Keep shooting!!

Patrick Goulet

Photographer, Cook

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Love how you can capture unique moments with unique sharpness in an amazing way. You are a true master.

Christina Winterfell


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